Yoga Therapy

The Well is fortunate to have two extraordinary practitioners -- Annie Lake Mahon and Anne Thiel -- who are both licensed massage therapists and yoga educators. They offer individualized sessions integrating yoga and massage, working with clients to extend the benefits of bodywork beyond the treatment room. Whether you are recovering from an injury, coping with stress or simply looking to feel better in your body and mind, yoga therapy can provide holistic solutions.

Our yoga therapy practitioners use a combination of techniques to facilitate optimal wellness:

  • Asana -- meaning "pose" or "seat" -- are the postures that many of us are most familiar with. In yoga therapy, poses are taught with precise alignment and/or modified with props to strengthen, stretch and release the body.  Hands-on adjustments and massage therapy are used to ensure proper alignment and create more opening in poses.
  • Pranayama refers to the diverse breathing exercises used in yoga. It is said that energy rides on the breath, and therefore we use specific breathing techniques to harmonize the various energies within the body.
  • Meditation is a means working with the mind. Meditation has been shown to greatly improve wellbeing by increasing relaxation, calming the nervous system and developing mindfulness.

Private yoga therapy sessions are $100 for 60 minutes; $150 for a party of two. Click here to book your next yoga therapy appointment.


Yoga Classes: We partner with Past Tense Yoga and Men's Yoga Community to offer yoga classes in an intimate setting. For more information and to register for yoga, please go to the appropriate website.

For Summer/Fall 2017 we offer:

  • Mon 7:15-8:30pm: Beginner Yoga Level 1 with Ericka Bolstad, Past Tense
  • Tue 7:00-8:15pm: Men's Yoga & Meditation with Brad Lyon, MYC
  • Wed 7:15-8:30pm: Pilates with various instructors, Past Tense