All Good Things Must Come to an End

The Well has closed, effective Nov. 1, 2020  

Small businesses across the country are reeling from the combined impacts of the financial crisis and the Covid pandemic. The Well is no exception. With regret and sadness, we announce that The Well is closing for good.

Thank you so much for your support over the years.  We will miss working with you.

The Well is a woman-owned neighborhood business promoting health and wellness for body, mind, and spirit located in the heart of Mount Pleasant, Washington, DC.  We are an accessible and inclusive practice that supports physical, psychological, and emotional needs with integrative healing therapies.  Our areas of focus include:

Massage Therapy | Psychotherapy | Wellness Workshops

We are an intentional community of healers offering integrative therapies for family health and wellness. We take individual and community health and wellness seriously.

Our elite team of massage therapists is trained in a variety of bodywork modalities to help you regain balance, restore vitality, address chronic or acute pain, increase flexibility, maximize athletic performance and integrate energy flow and body consciousness. 

Our wellness pillars and areas of expertise:

Achieve equilibrium in body-mind-spirit for a purposeful and productive life.

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Regain balance and restore vitality through skilled bodywork. All of our massage therapists have advanced training in a wide range of bodywork modalities. Swedish circulatory massage and deep tissue techniques form the basis for our individual practices, and we tailor each session to meet each client's needs. Not sure what kind of massage you want? Learn more about the modalities we offer


Prevent injury, strengthen endurance, and rehabilitate without drugs or surgery.

Recovering from an injury or surgery? Training for an athletic event? Reduce pain and swelling and increase flexibility by creating greater kinesthetic awareness. Enhance the body's natural healing process with Craniosacral Therapy with Nicole or Meg, Positional Release (Strain-Counterstrain) with Elizabeth, Medical Massage with Elizabeth or Nicole, or Sports Massage with Angela, Dan, Ken, Ellie, Meg or Tamara. We also offer services with reverence and kindness for medically-fragile populations, including oncology, geriatric, hospice, and high-risk obstetric.

Practice extreme self-care in the childbearing year for new moms and families.

Support the physical, psychological, and emotional transitions of pregnancy and early parenthood with our expert team of Prenatal, Postpartum and Pediatric practitioners. Trying to conceive? Book a fertility massage with Nicole.  About to become a parent or new to parenthood? Angela, Brenda, Elizabeth, and Nicole offer therapeutic bodywork with tips you can do at home to minimize discomfort and improve mobility and sleep. Promote the healthy development of your baby and learn infant massage with our founder, Elizabeth Shrader. Elizabeth and Nicole offer pediatric services, including craniosacral and myofascial techniques that can help with sleep regulation, lactation issues and more!

Create harmony in body, mind, and spirit by experiencing the best in global bodywork practices.

Interested in exploring Eastern methods of healing? Integrate energy flow and body consciousness. Cleanse the entire body with Reiki, Reflexology, Acupressure, or Shiatsu. For Reiki, book with Angela. For Reflexology, see Angela, Elizabeth, Emily, or Nicole. For Acupressure or SEVA Stress Relief, visit Emily or Nicole. For Shiatsu, see Nicole. For a more energizing and vigorous experience, try Traditional Thai Massage with Ken or Tamara.

The Well offers quality wellness services at a range of prices to suit our clients' needs. Our tiered pricing structure for massage services is based on therapists' training and experience: Generalist, Advanced, & Master Practitioners. View our rates here.

All our practitioners are licensed by the DC Department of Health, fully credentialed, certified, and insured. For complete bios, including each therapist's training, educational background, approach to massage therapy, and client reviews, go to the About Our Team page. 

For more client reviews, please read our testimonials here.