Wellness Workshops

CLOSED FOR THE SEASON! The Well @ Mt. Pleasant Farmers' Market

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Make self-care a regular part of your Saturday morning routine. We pitch our wellness tent at the north end of the market and offer donation-based chair massage & table massage. Come meet our talented practitioners, learn about our wellness services, de-stress with amazing bodywork, buy a gift certificate, or book an appointment for same-day service or for later in the week.




Stress Relief: Restorative Yoga to Renew You! with Jess Gruber

First Mondays, Jan-April, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Let's relax and restore! This series is focused solely on bringing a new sense of restoration and vibrancy back into your body and mind. Living in our nation's capital comes with a high amount of stress, pressure to perform, and many obligations. This monthly class is meant to gently restore your body and mind from daily and accumulated stress. This class will use the practice of restorative yoga, using props such as blankets and bolsters (firm pillows) to prop up your body in restful positions for 2-5 minutes each. Throughout this class you'll also practice various kinds of relaxing breathing practices, meditations, and yoga nidra practices meant to restore your mind while your body rests.

This class is intended for postpartum clients. Participants are asked to have been cleared for movement by their doctor or midwife prior to attending the series. Participants are invited to bring their babies to this class but please note that this class is not a baby and me yoga class - this series is focused on you!

About the instructor: Jess Gruber is an experienced yoga teacher specializing in women’s health, specifically pelvic floor rehabilitation and embodiment. She is a MS candidate for Yoga Therapy at Maryland University of Integrative Health.



Mini Birth Calss with DCBirthDoulas

Sundays, 9am-12pm
Upcoming Sessions:  April 5, May 3 and June 14

A 3-hr practical hands-on workshop focusing on positions and techniques to find comfort and help labor progress. Great as a supplementary class to practice labor skills near the end of pregnancy or as a refresher course for repeat parents. The $150 fee includes pregnant person plus a support person. 



​​​​Pregnancy and Postpartum Health + Yoga Series with Jess Gruber

Third Mondays, Jan-April, 6:30pm-8:00pm

This series is for women to gather to discuss their own experience and learn the science behind different health topics around pregnancy and postpartum. Women are invited to come share about their experiences and listen to others, to learn the science behind topics like pelvic floor dysfunction / prolapse / diastasis / mental health. Each class will also teach yoga practices that help to heal and bring about balance in each person's body.

Each month has a different topic or theme around pregnancy and postpartum.

About the instructor: Jess Gruber is an experienced yoga teacher specializing in women’s health, specifically pelvic floor rehabilitation and embodiment. She is a MS candidate for Yoga Therapy at Maryland University of Integrative Health.

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*FREE!* Postpartum Preparation Class with Metropolitan Doulas

Friday, April 3,  6:30pm-8pm - fills up fast, book in advance!

You may have a birth plan, but what about a postpartum plan? Join postpartum doula Betsy Quilligan to learn more about how to prepare for your little one's arrival. Betsy will share planning tools & worksheets so you come away from the workshop feeling ready for life with baby!

Topics include:

  • Preparing for your baby's arrival: What are some things you can do during your pregnancy to make life easier once baby arrives?
  • Planning for the early days & weeks: What will your days look like? What can you expect from your baby in terms of feeding & sleep?
  • Creating a postpartum plan: What changes do you need to make to your home? How can you support other members of your household - human, canine, feline - in welcoming your new baby? What are best strategies for transitioning back to work?
  • Postpartum depression & how to prevent it: What is the difference between postpartum depression, anxiety, & just plain baby blues? Are there ways to prevent it?
  • Community resources & connections: Who will you call if you need assistance with breastfeeding, postpartum depression, newborn care, sleep coaching, etc.?


Frances Reed

Serving Transgender Clients in Holistic Health, Part I & Part II with Frances Reed, founder of Freedbodyworks and HealthyBinding.com

Sunday March 29, 2020

Part I: 10:00 am - 12 noon  and  Part II: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Transgender identity is becoming more visible in our culture. As a result, more gender non-conforming individuals are feeling comfortable disclosing their identity and expressing their gender in their daily lives. For service providers in the helping professions, this means that more transgender clients are seeking massage and other forms of therapeutic touch and holistic healthcare. Transgender clients need culturally competent providers who are aware, affirming, and empowering of their transgender identity as well as knowledgeable in how to address the unique health issues related to their gender non-conforming body.

Part I includes a foundational understanding of gender identity, critical terminology, and the ethics and responsibilities of providing transgender-affirming care. 

Part II identifies some of the unique health issues of transgender clients related to dysphoria as well as medical and non-medical transitions from their gender assigned at birth.

Each workshop provides 2 Ethics CEUs through NCBTMB and satisfies the DC requirement for 2 CEs in LGBTQ competency.




Instructor: Elizabeth Shrader

Infant Massage Class (series) with Elizabeth Shrader, LMT, MPH

Spring 2020: dates t/b/d

In this 3-part series, parents and caregivers learn basic massage strokes and treatment protocols, infant anatomy and physiology, common pediatric conditions and developmental milestones, and how massage can help. Parents and caregivers also learn how positive and therapeutic touch enhances parenting skills for babyhood, through toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence and beyond.  This is an amazing way to connect with your baby and gain confidence as a new parent. 

Ayurvedic massage oil, instructional handouts, instructional videos and complimentary follow-up sessions included in the $99 registration fee. 

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of infant massage!


The Well is an inclusive practice where everybody and every body is celebrated and welcomed.